What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Want?

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Nov 09

Last night I went clubbing with a guy from Switzerland.  A very cool guy who makes money using methods that I’m very familiar with (SEO optimized niches sites for those who are curious).

We started off the night talking about business before he showed me how to operate the club scene, and throughout the night he kept talking about the lifestyle he had created.  He wanted the freedom to travel like a backpacker, yet the money to live in luxurious condos and do things that cost money… and he loved to enjoy the nightlife and the club girls.

Essentially he had the vision of the lifestyle he wanted to create, and he created it.  He now lives the way that he wants too.  And this got me thinking…

I’m definitely on the path to creating the lifestyle I want to live having become self employed and started travelling, but exactly where do i want to end up in a year.

Obviously I want to be travelling the world and continue making money online, but how do I want to spend my life on a daily basis?

I think most people go through life without even considering this extremely important subject.  You might have the idea of the type of education you want, or the type of job you want to land, or how you want to spend your upcoming weekend.

But have you ever stopped and thought about how you want to spend your time on a daily basis?  I know I haven’t.

I’ve known I wanted to be self employed and travel the world, but that doesn’t describe how I want to spend my time from day to day.  And that’s what I’ve pondered today.

What kind of lifestyle do I want to create for myself?  How do I want to spend each day?

After all, our life simply consists of an ongoing string of days, and the things that we do inside of those days.

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Fatos Canolli December 22, 2014

That was a funny night Scott! 😉 Looking forward to see the next year in SEA! Keep ballin! Cheers from Mexico City

    Scott Price December 22, 2014

    Haha yeah man I totally enjoyed it! Hopefully Mexico City’s treating you well 🙂

    You’ll have to pass along your Skype or FB id so we can get together when we both end up in the same place again.

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