What are these people doing?

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Aug 10

I had to drop off some official business documents a the post office today to be sent out to Portugal.

I had my girlfriend drive me over to the university close by because it’s where she graduated from and they have a post office on campus.

As we approached the post office I noticed a bunch of students standing in line.

“What are these people doing?”  I asked my girlfriend.

“They’re registering for classes”

I smiled a bit but made no remarks, the thought of people going to university is an interesting thing to me.

I understand that for many people they have no choice, as certain professions require it.  But for others, I feel a slight sense of pity.

Many people ask me where I went to university after they find out I have a business online, and the truth is I only went for 6 weeks.

6 weeks of sleeping in class and I realized it wasn’t for me.

Most of the dreams people have don’t require a certificate from some organization, but I think many people fail to realize that.  Or they think it’s the best way to improve their quality of life.

Either way it’s not my place to decide what’s best for one person or another.

All I know is I’m happy I made the best decision for me.

And now I can give back by showing others exactly how I do what I do without a college education.


Talk soon,

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