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Aug 09

Today we went to Home Pro.  It’s a home improvement store here in Thailand.  They might also have them in other countries, I really don’t know.

Anyway we needed to get a new blind to cover the window as the current one lets in a lot of sunlight.  So at 6am we’re up everyday, I don’t like that.

So we found what we needed, sat in traffic 30-45 minutes each way, got back home.

Turns out we only bought one blind and needed to buy 2… oppps.

Guess we’ll be back at Home Pro again here soon.

But it won’t be tomorrow because I have to get some work done.

I need to update my blog design.

Plus there’s some new content I want to add today to our members area.


I’m still waiting to see you on the inside.

Talk soon,

P.S. I added a new blog article yesterday but I think some of you might have missed it.


Join Me On My Journey Around The World

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