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Sep 11

For about 10 years, I have dreamed of being self employed and seeing the world.  What feels like a lifetime of daydreaming about better times… it all ended today.

As I write this I sit in an airport terminal in Fort Lauderdale Florida, waiting on a connecting flight to take me to Mexico City.  With no plans of returning for at least 10 weeks.

I am finally free to see the world, but not only that.  To also see it how I want to, on my time and where I want to go.  Doing and seeing things that I want to.

My entire life I have simply longed for the freedom to explore.  I have finally put myself in a position to do just that.

………………….(elapsed time)…………………………………

It is now the morning of day 3 of being in Mexico, and the first two days have been pretty amazing.  Simply seeing an entirely different culture is a joy in itself… and I have a feeling I will be eating very well over the next 10 weeks.

I have ditched the hostel I was staying at (I’m about to head across town and pick up the last of my stuff) and I have opted to stay in a hotel instead.  The plan was to stay in hostels and work from a shared workspace environment.  But the cost is about the same to simply stay in a hotel and cut out the shared workspace.  This gives me complete privacy to achieve my goals while I am here.

I’ve learned a few new spanish phrases just in the wanderings of yesterday.  I have an audio course on my phone which I am going to spend at least an hour on each day.  I should learn a lot over the next 2 weeks.

It’s about time to head out and get breakfast now, and go pick up my things.  The important thing to take away is that I’m here, in a foreign country… after years of dreaming I finally made it.

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