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Aug 16

The other week my MacBook Air took a crap on me… motherboard fried… no hope in fixing it.

I took it to the Mac store and was quoted 22,000 baht to get a new one ($660).

For a computer that cost under $1,000 it didn’t seem worth it, so I wrote it off as a loss and immediately bought one of the new 12 inch Macbook’s

With the old computer fried my girlfriend called up one of her friends who works in IT…

Long story short he was able to get the computer fixed for only 5,000 baht ($150).

So last night we went to have dinner with her friends and pickup the computer.

Now her friends speak Thai (duh… we’re in Thailand), and me… I speak basic¬†Thai but not enough to hold a conversation with native speakers blurting out words at a million miles an hour.

So I sat quiet and embarrassed for most of the night until we left.

But WELL worth the cost of getting the old MacBook fixed. ¬†Now I can do what I always do and hand it down to one of my best friends who decided to go the college route (so he’s been poor the last 6 years).

It feels good to be able to help people out like that.

All because of my decision to start my email business.

What if you decided today to make a similar decision?

To start your own email business?

All is still possible:

Talk soon,

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