Test. Every. Damn. Day.

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Mar 06
My buddy and I just released a new split test on our funnel.

The initial results are 10x higher than I would have ever expected.

Our sales page has been converting at around 1%, which is a good start but not where we want to be.

The new sales page though, is converting at 6% already!

Now I fully expect the numbers to drop as more data dips in, but I could see it stabilizing around 3%…

Which would be a 300% increase over our current conversion rates.

And that brings me to the point of this email.

You need to be split testing, every, single, day, period.

If you’re not testing you’re not moving forward.

This is how new businesses get a grip on things.

How they get ahead of the pack and stay there.

So remember that as you work on your own business and freedom today.

Never stop testing.

And if you need a little help to get your business started.

We’re always here:


Talk soon,

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