Starbucks got me the other day

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Aug 15

I’ve been reducing my caffeine intake day after day, I’m down to 2 small cups of coffee each day. Once in the morning, and then once again after lunch.

The other day I ended up having a large Starbucks coffee well into the night (the big venti size).  I don’t think I finished until 10pm.

I tossed and turned in bed all night and caused me and my girlfriend to get practically no sleep.

Needless to say yesterday was rough.  We didn’t even stay up long enough to watch Game of Thrones… crazy right!

Anyway, it wasn’t all that bad because I was able to create and add a Done For You Funnel to the membership area of the website.

This means that any new members are going to get a chance to copy and paste the exact funnel I use day in and day out to make me 5 figures a month.

No technical setups
No testing
No trying to learn things yourself

It’s literally plug and play.

And since I just put this live I’ll even personally help the first few people integrate their autoresponder with the funnel so you can start collecting leads instantly.

Pretty cool eh?

You can get my funnel instantly below.

Talk soon,

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