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Apr 26

I realize I haven’t posted in a while.  Now that I look at it, just about 2 and a half months.  I’ve wanted to post, and actually started a few drafts since then, but I don’t feel as if I have much worthy of sharing.

A lot of personal growth has happened since I last updated this, in fact quite a lot in just the past 4 weeks.  I feel like I found myself somewhere in the streets of Quito.  A version of me that I had been searching for all of my life… there he was.  Ready to take on life in a more extraordinary way than most people dream of doing.

I imagine that a lot of you have a clear version of yourself hidden deep inside.  An image of the person that you truly want to be, but it’s hard to be that person.  The person we dream of becoming, and the type of things that this person is capable of doing.

I had this image for a long time, my entire life pretty much… the person who Scott Price is really meant to be.  Up until recently that was still just a dream, something I would achieve over time.  But I’m finally starting to fill that part, and be true to who I really am.

So I guess the reason I haven’t posted here is because I’ve been facing my own challenges, and really figuring things out.  And I’m not sure yet what this blog means to that new person.

I still have a long way to go to be completely true to myself, but at least I was finally able to see the reality of what that could mean for my life.


The beach has been amazing to me so far.  It’s so peaceful, ridiculously peaceful.  Morning runs on the beach, fresh seafood every night for dinner, the sunset.  Everything is what you would expect from a small Latin American beach town.

Every place I’ve been too so far has felt extremely surreal.  As if it’s too good, it just can’t all be real.  Maybe because I’ve had some extremely low points in my life, that makes everything feel so unnatural.  For a long time I was used to being down, and not being ahead.  To actually be in this kind of position, and to know that I’m still so young and have so many years left.  It’s too much for comprehension.

Reflecting on the low points in my life allows me to appreciate each place I go much more fully, and really enjoy everything I get to see and experience.


I planned on renting a surfboard while here and learning to surf, but I think I will take Spanish lessons instead.  Montanita houses one of the best Spanish schools in the world, and I’m definitely ready to upgrade my communication skills.

After spending so much time in Latin America my Spanish is pretty ok, but still very basic.  I think a good 4 weeks of lessons would really put me way ahead of where I already am, as I’v only been self-taught so far.

I need to make sure the business side of my life is in check before I commit, but if things go well I think I’ll start the first week in June.

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