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By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Feb 10

My little family of 4 went down to the zoo yesterday… had a great time.

Watched a Kenyan acrobatic show, saw elephants etc…

Pretty standard zoo.

But afterwards we went to one of the big Thai palaces.  They have a big flower festival going on, very interesting stuff.

It was the first experience for my 2 friends to have to go through Thai security before entering royal grounds.

They make sure they know the identity of every single person entering, metal detectors, ID database check, lots of police, drone surveillance.

Their royal places are taking seriously.

It was an interesting time and we enjoyed ourselves.

You can see how happy we are =P

Anyway, we’re quickly filling up spots in Freedom Cash Club.

We’re still doing a lot of testing at a low price point so make sure you jump in before the price increases (because it definitely will).

Talk soon,

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