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Mar 05
They recently released the new Honda cb300r in Thailand.

And it looks like a perfect little devil to drive around these city streets.

Enough power to leave people in the dust.

Short and light enough to move in and out of heavy traffic.

I want it soooooooo bad.

But I’m practical, my scooter is enough for me for now.

There’s really no “need” for a $6,000 bike here in the city.

I just really want it.

But, my girlfriend is trying to organize her and I to join a group of bikers to spend 3 days and 2 nights riding to and from the beach.

So on that trip I’ll rent myself a Honda cbr500 or something similar.

I’m definitely looking forward to that trip.

Any excuse I can get to take a big bike out of the city.

I know for some of you 500 cc might not be a big bike… but for Thailands crazy traffic it’s a lot of power.

So much power… it’s almost got as much power as my course.

You know, my powerful course where I take students and turn them into money making machines!

Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten all about it?

Here’s a refresher:


Talk soon,

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