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By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Jan 31

My gf and I took my cherry red scooter out to the park last night.

Lots of traffic again but… not for the scooters.

The scooters/motorcycles in Bangkok are allowed to pass and weave in and out of the cars.

It makes for an interesting ride!

So yesterday there was heavy traffic but we drove past all of it.

I absolutely love driving a big in this city (or any city for that matter).

It might be dangerous, but it sure gets the blood flowing.


You know what isn’t dangerous but still perks me up?

My course, of course.

And we’re still taking signups for a super low price while we test out the sales process.

So get in before the prices increases.
(it’s currently at only $3 so it really is gonna increase very soon)

Talk soon,

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