Why I Moved All of My Funnels To ClickFunnels

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Aug 14

There are more landing page builders these days than ever to choose from.

Recently, a lot of people in the industry I’m in as well as I, were all using a landing page builder called Wishloop, and many of us were very happy with this… until they dropped the hammer.

Many of us were on annual plans that are no longer available, and some of us host a LOT of impressions each month which requires a lot of bandwidth and fast servers to operate.

It seems that they didn’t like that, and they started suspending people’s accounts stating that we were hosting content which was against their TOS.  And that if we upgraded our accounts to MUCH more expensive monthly plans than we could continue to use their service.

Many people I know ran off to use one of two services.  Either they ran to Builderall, a new service that I’m not very familiar with that claims to have everything a marketer needs.  Which to me is somewhat of a red flag because you can’t be the best of everything (and I only want to use the best services in my business).

Or they began using InstaBuilder, which is a one time fee WordPress plugin which allows you to build landing pages in WordPress.

Now me personally, I make a lot of money with my landing pages, coughed up the money they were asking for (close to $300 month) and continued about my way.

That is until I started a new project focused around building a sales funnel.


In Comes ClickFunnels

For this new project I knew I needed ClickFunnels, because they’re hands down the best software on the market at building sales funnels, there’s little doubt about it.  But what took me by surprise is all of the other things I can do with this software.

Not 2 week after using it I took a few hours to test and see whether I could migrate my other funnels over, and sure enough there was little issue getting this done.  I recently spent just 1 day, by myself, migrating every funnel I have over to ClickFunnels.

I honestly was expecting it to be a 2-3 day process, but I started one morning and had it all finished by about 4pm that evening ready to go live, I was super excited (maybe a bit too much just for migrating funnels).

But I’ve come to realize through learning how to use this software that the possibilities are practically endless.

I now know that a lot of e-commerce guys are using it, many physical product sales.  It has the ability to host membership sites, and blog sites… both of which I opted against doing (because like I said, I only use the best service for each particular part of my business, and ClickFunnels is the best at sales funnels, not blogs and membership sites).

But the fact is I can throw up any kind of page I need on this service and have it work great and look beautiful in the process.

The price is a little steep for the average person, but as they say it takes money to make money.  And if you want the best results you need the best services.

I make too much money to waste away hours of my day trying to make something work.

So to be able to log into my ClickFunnels account and throw something together that I know is going to work quickly and effectively.  It’s almost impossible to justify saving money for something else.

So all in all, it’s where I’ll be pointing all of my customers from here on out… and why I made the move myself.

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