Medellin = Playa Del Carmen

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Feb 16

About a week ago I hit a breaking point.  I proceeded to do a lot of journal writing, and also did a lot of note taking in my notebook which I use to jot down business ideas.

I have been self employed now for about 7-8 months if my memory serves me correctly.  It has been a bumpy road the entire time.  I’ve made as much as $6,000 profit in one month, as little as $1,500, and everywhere in between.

I have fulfilled one aspect of my dream in that I am now travelling the world full time using only the profits made from my online business, but something is still missing.  I still lack the financial stability to travel as freely as I would like, and also to do the things that I would like to do.




On the day of my breaking point I was able to see things from a different perspective.  I began to realize that I must shift my focus from short term profits to a more sustainable long term business model.  Residual income has become a new priority.  Building a business that will continue to pay me month after month no matter what happens.

I have spent the past few days setting up this new business model, and tweaking it as I go.  Last night was monumental for me as I re-launched a major part of this new journey, my membership website.

The solo ad business has been very good to me, and has allowed me maintain a steady income for almost a year now, but it is time for me to expand into bigger and better things.

My plan for the future is now clear and my focus is precise.  I now turn my efforts to turning the name “Scott B Price” into a brand.




P.S. Why does Medellin = Playa Del Carmen?  The same thing happened to me while in Mexico.  About 2 weeks after being in Playa Del Carmen I got serious about things and my business took off.  The problem was that shortly after things took off, I traveled back home and fell back into a state of unproductivity.  With no intentions to return home anytime soon I don’t plan on allowing that to happen again.

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Anonymous May 11, 2015

Excelente! “En la lucha entre uno y el mundo, hay que estar de parte del mundo.” Kafka

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