I know how to push her buttons

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Feb 24
Yesterday I really wanted to get out and do something.

But sometimes, it can be very hard to get my girlfriend out of bed.

Luckily though, I know how to push her buttons.

Just one mention of the word “beach” and she was up quicker than a fly being swatted at.

Today was a little bit harder since there was no beach to be mentioned, and that leaves me here writing you this email (morning time here in Thailand).

Yesterday we went to Ko Sichang, I think it’s supposed to be the closest getaway island to Bangkok.¬† I’ll try to upload a picture of it for you to see tomorrow.

Today I’ve gotta be getting ready because there’s a lot to do…

You know what else is quicker than a quick fly though?
(Ok that pitch was pretty bad, I’m¬†feeling a bit slow this morning)


Talk soon,

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