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Oct 19

I did it.  I’ve broken a huge milestone this week…

…I no longer feel as if I am in the “rat race”.

Even though I have been self employed for a few months now, I still felt as if I was living payment to payment.  Having to worry about making enough money to pay my accommodations for the next month, pay my bills, money to live/travel, and then have money left over to invest in my business.

But as of Friday I’m no longer living that way anymore, and it’s a huge relief to say the least.


Last night I was able to go to a traditional Mexican wedding, and it was a very cool experience.

It was much like a traditional American wedding other than some minor differences.  My friends who had went actually had to buy the rings for the couple getting married, which was one of the major differences.  You get a friend to buy the rings for you, and then they become part of the family as well.

I met two gorgeous girls while I was there who both spoke English very well.  The one sat down and talked to me for quite a while toward the end of the night, and it was very interesting to hear about the daily life of someone more my age from Mexico.  Her and her family had happened to be from Mexico City, so it was cool to hear her view of the city since I had just come from there.


I’m still in full blown work mode, so lots of work for me this upcoming week.  The next major stress relief will come when I am debt free, and I fully intend to get there as quickly as possible.

I did make sure to book a deep sea fishing trip this upcoming Saturday so that I have something fun to look forward to.  And apparently sharks are in season… so fingers crossed.

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Allen Victor Cox November 1, 2014

Enjoy man Fishing is Great out there 5ft Golden Dolphin was greatest fight I ever had thought my arms were going to drop off Have a great Vacation

    Scott Price November 3, 2014

    Thanks man, and that sounds pretty awesome! The fishing fell through, so I’ll have to make up for it in Asia.

      ALBERTO RESTREPO May 12, 2015

      I was born in Medellin Colombia SA,April 2,1936,l enjoyed reading your episodes,l say episodes,unless you are planning to stop some time;
      l came to the USA IN 1,956 at the age of 20,my dream come to America,l arrive in Miami florida with a few clothes,after finishing my High Sch,
      l went to work in order to rice enough for a Plane ticket and get my Passport,also secure my legal residency by signing a promiss that if l regis-
      ter for the draft after arriving in the US that give me the right to aply for ,l got lucky and learn from a friend that there was a cargo Co and l cut
      probable get ship fly ,guess what they needed help to load the plane and by helping aslong as l had a legal passport and avisa, l got to come oance arriving in Miami,the pilot askme if l cut help to unload the l get$50.oo l sayd yes,and when finish aske for work but l had to call in2o3

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