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Sep 24




Yesterday I relocated from Mexico City to Playa Del Carmen which sits along the Caribbean Sea (just South of Cancun).  During my almost 13 days in Mexico I didn’t do much (sightseeing wise).  I spent most of my time on the computer in my hotel working on my business.

I did manage to get out and see some of Mexico City each day, but I didn’t visit any of the tourist attractions or anything of that sort.  Surprisingly, I am ok with this though.

As I am here in Playa I plan to follow the same routine of spending a lot of time on the computer, but there are some very cool things I plan to do as well.

The first thing I will be doing shortly is taking a snorkeling excursion to 3 different reefs.  After which I have different options of ATV jungle riding, getting my scuba diving certification (one of my all time biggest dreams in life), dolphin experience, whale shark snorkeling, renting a scooter and exploring the city, paddleboarding… all kinds of great stuff.

I have already paid up-front for one month in the apartment shown in the pictures below, which is 2 blocks from the beach I might add.   So I will definitely be here until at least October 21st, but I have no plans after that.

So just under 2 weeks into my trip with nothing too exciting under my belt, but I’m enjoying myself and doing exactly what I want to do.  But hopefully I’ll get to do some exciting stuff now that I’m near the beach where the owners who run the activities listed above speak English.


View from outside my window, which is beside my table.

View from outside the window beside my table.

Join Me On My Journey Around The World

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