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Dec 09

This is it, it’s time to take massive action.

I’ve had some pretty big dreams my entire life, and this year I took a small step toward achieving them.  Simply scratching the surface of my dreams has allowed me to break down a lot of my limiting beliefs and see what’s really possible.

Going to Mexico was very eye opening, and a lot of the things I did both with my business and personal life has made me see things in a whole new perspective.

I now sit in an amazing position to make 2015 by far the best year of my life.  And using the term “by far” is a total understatement.

Over the past week I’ve concocted what most would consider to be a crazy non-realistic idea, but to me simply looks like an amazing way of life waiting to unfold.

I’ve set myself the goal of making $2,000 a day profit while working only 1 day a week by July 2, 2015 (exactly mid-year). And to be at $5,000 a day profit still working only 1 day a week by December 31st, 2015.

My ultimate goal is simply to travel and enjoy life.  To spend each day doing new things.

Learn to solo skydive, scuba dive, different languages, different cultures, climb mountains, kayak rivers, surf the world, hanglide, dog sledding, fly a wingsuit, see museums and landmarks of the world.

To also see specific major world events like Oktoberfest, The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Running of the Bulls, the Olympics, the World Cup,  Chinese New Year, The Battle of the Oranges, La Tomatina, Full Moon Party…

…AHH!!!  There’s literally so much to do and so little time.

So this is it, the time when I make a stand and say enough is enough.

I will fulfill my destiny!

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Franck Silvestre December 9, 2014

Awesome Scott! and these goals are huge man! I’ll be following you.

    Scott Price December 13, 2014

    Thanks Franck I appreciate that! Gotta dream big! 🙂

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