I’m Self-Employed Today All Because of ClickBanking

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Aug 07

4 years ago I was still struggling to make it online. I had spent over 5 years trying everything possible… seriously. Whenever I met a fellow online entrepreneur I always understood exactly what they did because I’ve seen it all and done it all. But most people don’t understand what I do, or how to get even started.

So today I want to share with you exactly how I started my internet business, and how my life has been forever changed because of one simple concept…



I had just finished another unsuccessful attempt at making an income online.  This last attempt involved paying $500 to a coach to teach me how to create a sales funnel of my own products.  It then involves paying for Solo Ad (email) visitors to your funnel at the tune of up to $1 click, and then trying to convert these people into buyers of your product.  It’s a solid principle and one that I use today, but when you’re first starting out… not so easy.

How does someone who’s made very little money online create information products that other people are willing to buy?  And how am I supposed to scale this operation having to pay so much money out of my pocket just to test my funnel which was failing me daily?

I ended up spending many thousands of dollars on clicks and only made a few sales, I was yet again devastated.

But then something magical happened.  I came across a website where people were “ClickBanking” there lists in order to grow them for free.

“ClickBanking… what the hell is that?” … I asked myself.

After some diligent research I came to find out that people were trading website visitors with each other in order to grow their lists.


How Does This Work?

First off, you need a small list to get started.  I show you how to do this quick and cheap in my Freedom Cash Club course.

Basically what you are doing is taking people who click on the links in your emails, and sending them to the funnel of another list builder.  Then that same person will send the exact same number of visitors back to your funnel.

So for example let’s say you send me 100 visitors to my website from your list, I would then send you 100 visitors to your website from my list.  This allows both of us to grow our lists without having to pay anything!  Pretty cool right?


This for me was my “aha!” moment.

I already had a list of just over 2,000 subscribers from my failed attempt at selling my own products.  This list was doing absolutely nothing for me, so I immediately started to use it every day to ClickBank with other list builders.

Everything changed from this point on…  My list grew rapidly, and with this growth I was able to finally start pulling money out of my list (which ended up being pure profit because I was getting new subscribers every day for free from my ClickBanking efforts).

Even to this day, 3.5 years after I quit my job, with a 5 figure per month income, I still use ClickBanking as part of my game plan… it’s simply too powerful to give up.

And I later found out that you can start doing this from day one, with 0 subscribers, just by setting up your funnel correctly!

I don’t want to go into all of the details of funnel setup in this post, because I go over that in my course, but I wanted to share with you that it is possible to start making money online in a very simplified and cheap manner.  With a method that most importantly can be scaled into something very big and easy to manage.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Till next time…


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mohamadzen hipni August 9, 2017

Simple and workable way of list building and sale funnel

Kendra August 10, 2017

I’m actually really interested in CLICK Banking myself. I’ve got the concept, just wondering if there were any other folks who were into it and knew A LOT more than me!!! ?

Stuart August 11, 2017

I like where this is going

Sunil Khanna August 13, 2017

It’s Awesone to see. ThanQ.

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