Girlfriend left, I’m thinking I have all this time to work right? Wrong…

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Aug 06

Well I was right, but there ended up being a problem.

With my girlfriend out of the house there was no one here to hold me accountable.  So everything went down the drain.

I started eating unhealthy again.
I was puffing on my electronic cigarette much more than usual.
Probably 4-5 hours was spent watching stupid videos online (you know, the ones showing intense crashes or people failing at life etc…)
And much more time was spent watching movies/tv shows.

I essentially f***** up.

But she’s on her way back now, so I cleaned up everything and now I’m back on track.

Which means I’m back to updating and improving my new baby:

Freedom Cash Club

Go ahead and check out what we’re doing over there.


Join Me On My Journey Around The World

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