My first time at a Japanese Spa

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Oct 13

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to a Japanese spa.

In fact it was the first time either of us had ever been to a spa… and an interesting trip it was.

First off, this was a “legitimate” Japanese spa, which meant it was mandatory for all Men to naked while in the spa.  Girls were given optional black upper and lower bathing gear to wear.

But regardless of that the experience was AMAZING, and we’re definitely looking forward to going back very soon.

You enter into a room full of different tubs, pools, and steam/spa rooms, and are shown a recommended pattern on the wall to go from one section to the next.

The pools range from blazing hot to chillingly cold.

It’s amazing how great it feels.

And on the way there we also witnessed one of those indoor surfing pools right next to the spa.

So unfortunately (or fortunately) I’m heading to Cambodia next week, and then moving into a new condo immediately after I get back.  But the next free weekend I get will definitely spent at the indoor surfing pool (which I’ve never done before), immediately followed by the spa.

But for now, since I’ve got a busy week with getting my Thailand drivers and motorcycle license, followed by my trip to Cambodia… it’s back to work on:

Talk soon,

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