Ever heard of the Apostille Convention?

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Oct 03

I hadn’t either until I needed to open a bank account in Portugal.

Apparently it’s a convention in which governments signed an agreement abolishing the need to legalize foreign documents.

This basically means that if you get a document legalized in one country, it therefore becomes legal in all other countries… countries which signed this agreement.

Unfortunately Thailand never signed this agreement, which means that if I need to get a foreign document legalized I have to schedule an appointment and make a trip to the Embassy the document originates.

I’m currently having to do this with Portuguese documents, giving my Lawyer there power of attorney.​​​​​​​​

I had to do this once already 2 months ago, but now there’s more documents to sign.

It’s kind of a pain, but I guess that’s what comes with going international with your business.​​

Which reminds me, have you started your business yet?

We’re still here…​​

Talk soon,

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