Down with the sickness

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Feb 25
Sickness took hold of me yesterday.  Luckily it’s not too bad though.

Just feeling a bit week, slight headache, coffee and Tylenol have me at the computer working.​​​​

I figure as long as I get my 8 hours of sleep each night this will pass quickly.

Luckily though, even when I’m sick and not even able to get out of bed… my business still runs day after day.

That’s how I have it setup, so that it’s 95% automated whether I’m here to oversee it or not.

It’s about as close to passive income as anyone can get outside of investing into ETF’s (which requires a lot of money to be had upfront).

​​​​​​​​​​Don’t know what an ETF is?  Don’t worry, we don’t go over any investing in the training:

Only how to build a legitimate online business.
Talk soon,

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