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Jul 09

Officially my fourth day of self employment.  Feels like I’m on a full time vacation!

Very cool to finally be able to spend my days the way I want too again.  But now I sit in the same position I was in 2 months ago.

Two months ago I had laid the framework for a full time income online.  I knew I could be self employed within a 2 month period, and the only thing left to do was to put in the work.  It was my dare to be great situation… to fulfill the dream.

I now stand face to face with a similar dare to be great situation.  I have the framework laid for a possible 5 figure/month business in only 2-3 months time.  Even falling short of that figure would still put me at an income level high enough to begin my journey as a digital nomad.

Whereas before the end goal was self employment, the end goal now is Bangkok, Thailand… and years of travelling to follow.

There is a lot more work to do this time around, but the reward will be much more satisfying.

And that’s where I stand right now.  Finishing up work the past 2 weeks has been uneventful, and the next 6 weeks will be expended in front of a screen.  But the end of a chapter is near.  And with the end of one comes the start of another.

A chapter full of excitement, new experiences, new people, culture, and a new way of life.

Bangkok Street

Bangkok Street

6 weeks of dues to be paid, starting… now.

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