Biking Through ChAoS!

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Aug 12

Ko Kret… no that’s not the name of a band.  It’s where me and my girlfriend went yesterday.

It’s a very local part of Northern Thailand that’s a small island.

We rented bicycles and biked around the whole island.

It was GREAT!  At first…

Toward the end of the ride we ended up in the big long market, and unfortunately there’s only one small road to go through.

Plus yesterday was Mother’s day in Thailand so there was a LOT of people.  We had to walk our bikes over a mile through a crowd of people in a very narrow street.

It was absolute chaos.

But we made it.

And after that we decided to leave so we headed to the car to blast the a/c.

When we got back I checked my phone, and of course I had made money during the bike ride.  Because that’s how this email business works.

Ok blatant sales pitch here…. at least I’m honest.

Check us out ok?

Talk soon,

P.S. I took a video of the madness, maybe I’ll start a YouTube channel to share some of my videos from traveling, would you be interested in that?

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