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Feb 05

A week ago I moved from Bogota, Colombia to Medellin, Colombia.  I booked myself a private room in a hostel.

Up until now I had only ever stayed in a hostel for one night, and I was not very pleased.  I’ve been just fine finding my own little solitary apartments on Airbnb.  But this time on Airbnb my options were limited, and I came across an amazing looking hostel with cool looking rooms and a killer roof to hang out and do work on.

First off, the city of Medellin is an amazing place.  I much prefer it to Bogota so far (sorry Jorge), but that probably has a lot to do with the weather.  80 during the day and 65 at night… can’t beat it.

Upon my arrival to the hostel I met 3 different people of various backgrounds that I’ve been spending time with.  A teacher from Austria, a landscaper from Canada, and a sugar addict from Germany (forget exactly what she does but remember that she loves sweets!).

We’ve done various things together such as going on a Medellin walking tour, visiting the metro cable, and doing a Pablo Escobar tour.  A quick note, after doing the Medelling walking tour I would highly recommend them when you visit a new city.   I’m sure I will be doing a lot more walking tours after this first one.

It’s been very nice to have people with similar interests of travelling the world to spend time with and do touristy stuff with.  The teacher from Austria organized basically all of these events, so we dubbed her as our tour guide, but after doing such various things I feel as if I now know how to find and go on these types of adventures myself.

… I’ve lost my train of thought in the scenary of the background.  Being able to look past my laptop out to the mountain is simply amazing.


The Tours

Let’s talk about what I saw on my tours because I saw some very interesting things.  First off the picture taken above is the house where Pablo Escobar was shot.  Kind of interesting to see, but just a house.

Two of the most interesting things I saw…

While in one of the squares in downtown, there was a man with a microphone and speaker spitting out jibberish.  He had creams, oils, and drinks of weird origin all sitting outstretched on a blanket he was sitting on, and he had drawn a very big crowd.

This man also had pornographic images stretched out on the blanket, so all of this was a weird site.  It turns out the man was a witch doctor.  All of the creams, oils, and drinks he was selling were different remedies to cure STD’s, diseases, love potions, and I’m sure anything else that someone would want an immediate remedy for.  Upon seeing this site I mostly wondered if the man actually believed in what he was selling.


Behind The Church

Want to know what’s behind the church?   …Prostitutes, gay sex, and drug abuse.

Acutally, to be perfectly honest, the prostitutes hang out in front of the church.  Being a predominantely catholic country, most people believe that they must visit the church and pray for sins committed since the last time they were forgiven.  So for this reason you’ll find many of the largest sins being performed close to churches, at least in downtown.

If you’re interested in picking up the latest and greatest porno, but want to be forgiven before you take it home and pop it in… conveniently all the porn is sold beside the church as well.

Feel bad about sex you just paid for?  The church is right across the street… so run across and pray quickly so that you are forgiven before death comes to get you.


It’s an interesting place this is, which is exactly what I’m on the search for.  Interesting, different, exciting, Medellin has all of it.  Which reminds me that I got to go out one night with another group of people from the hostel to experience the nightlife.  This was also very interesting, different, and exciting.  They have some pretty fancy clubs here and it seems like the nightlife is always going strong.

But that’s not really my big thing… mostly the touristy stuff and simply seeing a new city.

If you get the chance look up some paintings/sculptures from the artist Fernando Botero, he has an interesting way of representing people as “sensual”.

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