The battle is almost won!

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Feb 22
The ongoing battle to get my business verified with PayPal is almost won.

My ​business structure is somewhat complex (for tax purposes) so I can understand why they would continue needing additional verification.

It just seemed, for the longest time, like every time I sent something they would ask for something else.

Now I’ve submitted the very last document, and PayPal has given me an ultimatum on this one.

Either they lift the limits on my current account in the current country, or they change my PayPal’s country to another jurisdiction (the one where I’m incorporated but not where I’m banking)​​​​​​ and they lift the limits for that one.

It’s a delicate situation but we’re just a few days out from it all being over.

And I’m very excited because this will allow me to transfer 100% of incoming and outgoing funds to my new company.​​​​

The cool thing is though, I’m already accepting some of my payments to the new company.

Including payments from Freedom Cash Club​​

​​But I make the majority of my money from the business that I teach about in the course.

And most of the payments from that business are still running through my USA based PayPal account… for now.​​

Talk soon,

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