4am wake-up call, and one heck of a night.

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Feb 03

It’s 4:30am here in Thailand… what the heck am I doing up.

I woke up and realized I wasn’t going to be able to fall back asleep.

GF is still asleep next to me in bed… hopefully I don’t wake her.

But anyway I wanted to mention that we had a heck of a night on Friday.

The 4 of us (me, my girlfriend, and my 2 roomates), we all went out to khaosan road.

That’s the backpacker epicenter in Bangkok.

We ended up drinking in the street dancing with a bunch of Koreans…

And me, I probably only drink a handful of times a year.  So that was FUN!

Now though, it’s back to work.

You know I gotta mention my product like always.

I’ll be easy on you (and me) today though.

Will just leave this here:


Talk soon,

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