$15k… for a VISA?

By Scott Price | Daily Dose

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Aug 11

I spent my time today heading to the Thailand Privilege Card building.

I’ve spent enough of my time both in and out and Thailand to realize that this is the place to plant my flag for the next few years.

Fast internet, all the amenities of a 1st world country, cheap living costs, and easy access to many outside countries to take vacation.

The only problem is my education visa (which I got because I was learning to speak Thai) has been somewhat of a pain.

So it’s time for me to buy myself a 5 year visa.

Cost of the visa… $15,000…

Yeah, you read that right, 15k.

Needless to say it’s gonna be a little painful to part ways with such a large amount just for a visa, but I’ve justified it. ¬†Over 5 years that’s $3,000 a year, and I save much more than that in living costs.

Plus you can’t put a price on happiness, and Thailand makes me happy.

So I spent today filling out the application and turning it in, and it should only take until Monday to be accepted, and then I’ll have to make the payment.

But it’s not a huge deal, because I already make a good income online anyway.

Ready to find out how I do it?


Talk soon,

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